​Information & Communications Technology

​ICT consists of all technical means used to handle information and aid communication. This major sector consists of IT as well as telephony, and stresses the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications, intelligent management systems, and audiovisual systems in modern information technology. ICT covers four main areas, including (1) technology software and services including developers of software in various fields such as the Internet, applications, systems, databases, home entertainment, as well as companies that provide IT consulting and services, and data processing and outsourced services; (2) technology hardware and equipment including manufacturers and distributors of communications equipment, computers and peripherals, and electronic equipment and related instruments; (3) semiconductors and semiconductor equipment manufacturers; and (4) telecommunications carriers, equipment manufacturers and service providers. ICT comprises any communications device for radio, television, cellular phones, satellite systems, etc., as well as various services and applications associated with them. Electronic office equipment includes copiers, data storage devices and other products such as mailing/letter handling machines, and peripheral computer devices such as networking and point of sale (POS) equipment. Companies such as Internet cafes which are primarily engaged in offering limited Internet connectivity in combination with other services such as facsimile services, training, rental of onsite personal computers and game rooms are also included in this sector. Three activities that will define the sector in 2021 are a) Roll Out of 5G Network b) Entry of Virtual Mobile Network Operators, VMNO and c) Investments in Fiber Optics/Broadband at the State level.

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